Some important information
before you go


Makati - Manila

Lub D Hotel
4 person dorm

Moalboal - Cebu

Sole E Mar Beach Resort 
Twin room or double (for couples)


W Hostel
8 person dorm

El Nido - Palawan 

Cuna Hotel
Twin room or double (for couples)


Our small intimate groups (20 max) are the perfect way to meet new people, make friends and share the experience.

After all, who wants to explore the Philippines alone?

Groups are made up of young, fun and adventurous travellers between the ages of 18-35’s from all over the world.


Private group tours can be arranged, please contact us for more information.



In the Philippines we have a wide variety of meal options for everyone. Weather you love to try new things or stick to the classics. From comfort western food, with healthy vegetarian and vegan choices to local food. Meals range from 400 to 600PHP, with some meals and breakfast already included at some of our hotels.

visa & insurance

Visa Info

The Philippines grants a 30-day visa-free entry to passport holders of most major countries including most EU nations as well as the US, Canada & Australia. If you want to check if you are eligible you can see the full list here:

Citizens of most countries are allowed to enter the Philippines without a visa for a stay of up to 30 days, provided they hold a valid return ticket.

Important information for this visa: 

  • Your stay will not exceed 30 days;
  • You hold valid tickets for their return journey to port of origin or next port of destination; and,
  • Your passport is valid for a period of at least six (6) months beyond the contemplated period of stay.
  • If you wish to stay longer than 30 days in the Philippines then you can extend your visa by applying here.

For more Philippines VISA information, please access

If you are unsure about your visa for the Philippines or require any assistance then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at:


It is compulsory for all groupies to have travel insurance whilst traveling with Wanderlands Philippines. Travelling is all about adventure and experiencing the unknown, but unfortunately this can mean that some things don’t always go to plan from time to time. Whilst you are in the safe hands of your group leader from the moment you walk through arrivals to the end of the tour, planes can sometimes be delayed, luggage can go missing and accidents can happen. Your group leader will check your documents at the beginning of the tour to ensure you are correctly covered and you can travel with peace of mind. It is important your travel insurance covers you for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Missed flights
  • Luggage loss and theft
  • All activities included in the tour & anything you plan on doing during your stay in the Philippines – snorkeling, surfing, bungee jumps, sky dives etc.

If you haven’t got your insurance arranged yet, simply get in touch with us and we can help you arrange it. Call: (+62) 361 9080 482 or email:


Where can I stay if I arrive before the start date?

You can stay at the hotel we use for the start of the tour called Lub D Makati. The costs will be 650PHP for a dorm room and 1550PHP for a private room, which will need to be paid with local money on arrival directly to the hotel.

Where can I purchase insurance?

Travel is all about adventure and the unknown, but that doesn’t mean you should be too risky. It is important that all Wanderlands Groupies are covered by travel insurance and because we have been doing this for a while, and know exactly the type of cover you will need, we recommend booking yours through World Nomads

What are the room allocations?

The first accommodation will be a brand new hostel in the heart of Manila where you’ll sleep in an ultra modern 4 bed dorm. The second one is another brand new hostel and will have between 6-8 people in the room. The third and fourth are hotels with twin, double (for couples) or triple rooms.

What if I wish to book a private room?

Manila Hostel (Lub D Makati) – 1800PHP per night (1 night)
Boracay Hostel (W hostel) – 3000PHP per night (3 nights)
Moalboal Hotel (Sole Mare) – 3500PHP per night (3 nights)
El Nido Hotel (Cuna Hotel) – between 4800PHP per night for a budget room to 5500PHP per night for a deluxe room (4 nights)

Is there Wi-Fi available in our hotels?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi in every hotel we stay but you can also buy a local sim card and have mobile data. This sim card can be purchased at the airport or in most convenience stores.

What kind of accommodation do we stay in?

We stay in 2 hotels and 2 hostels. They all have air conditioning and are clean, comfortable, good showers and tidy.

Are flights included in the price?

International flights aren’t included. However, we are happy to help you with advice on what flight time you should get. All domestic flights are included. Each domestic flight also includes checked baggage totaling 20kg per person.

Where does the tour start?


Where does the tour finish?

El Nido.

Is airport pick up included?

Yes, airport pick up can be arranged free of charge for those arriving on the start date or 1 day before (if you’ve booked pre accommodation at our first hotel).

How to go from the airport to the hotel if I arrive 2 days prior the tour starts?

From the airport to the Hotel in Manila the cheapest way is to get a regular taxi from the airport, ask a security guard for help. If you are going to Lub’D Makati it should cost you around 400PHP. If you have pre-accommodation at our first hotel in Manila and would like to be picked up more than 1 day before your start date, we can also organise our driver to pick you up from the airport and drop you off at the hotel. This private airport pickup to Lub’D Makati will cost you 1300PHP.
Terminal 1 – The driver is only allowed In the Extension arrival area. Upon leaving the airport proceed to letters “QRST”
Terminal 2 - Exit the airport and meet outside on the curb at Bay 20 (international) or Bay 6 & 7 (domestic). The driver will have a sign reading "Lub D Hostel" in blue letters.
Terminal 3 – Meet at the hotel counter in front Burger King
Terminal 4 - Since this domestic terminal is so small, just leave the airport and the driver will be waiting at the exit with a sign reading "Lub D Hotel" in blue letters.

What if I need pre night(s) accommodation?

We’ll be happy to arrange your pre night accommodation at our first hotel for you. Prices are: - Dorm room: 650PHP - Twin or double room: 1800PHP.

How do I book onward travel and when should I book flights?

In regard to booking flights after the tour, we suggest booking your onwards flight to leave from Manila after 7 PM local time. Therefore, get a mid-day flight to leave from Puerto Princesa airport to Manila on the last day, leaving you plenty of time to get to the airport. You can also fly back directly from El Nido to Manila, this option is usually more expensive. Please take into account that domestic flights can be delayed.

What meals are included?

Breakfasts in El Nido and Cebu, lunch during the El Nido Island Hopping Excursion.

How much spending money will I need?

In relation to ‘how much money should I bring’ – It depends how much money you want to spend on food & drink etc. The majority of destinations that we go to will have ATMs around, so you are able to take money out within the country. You may need to make your bank aware of your travels to make sure you are not overcharged for taking money out abroad.

How much should we expect to pay for food and drink?

Street food and fast food costs around AU$2-AU$5. Sit down meals in restaurant is around AU$6- AU$15. For drinks, beer cost as little as AU$1 in some bars but will be pricier at nicer bars, up to AU$5.

What are the sizes of groups? And roughly what age?

The size of our groups vary, but on average they range from around 8 – 16 people and have an array of ages from between 18-35+. Our tour encourages solo travellers as well as groups and couples, so there is a mix of solo travellers, groups and couples.

How do I go about getting a visa?

How do I find out my outstanding amount to pay?

If have any queries about outstanding payments, send us an email to and we will let you know of the amount you have left to pay. If you have only paid a deposit so far, you will need to pay the remaining balance no less than 60 days prior to departure.

How do I get back to Manila?

The main way to get back to Manila is by flight. There are two airports available: El Nido (ENI) and Puerto Princesa (PPS). The transfer to El Nido will be faster but flights from Puerto Princesa will be cheaper.

El Nido : You will need to get a tuk tuk from the hotel this will take 15/20 mins to El Nido airport. Approx. price is 300PHP.
The airlines available in El Nido is Air Swift & Cebu Pacific that flies to Manila.

Puerto Princesa: You’ll first need to get a van shuttle to Puerto Princesa, then fly to Manila. The shuttle will take approx. 6h and cost 6500PHP for 10 people.

From what time should I book my flight out of Manila?

After 7PM.

Can I store my luggage at the first hotel?

Yes! Lub D Hostel allows us free access to their Luggage Storage room. You can store any excess luggage there in Manila if you plan on coming back to the hostel before your departure.

How much is the ziplining in El Nido?

500PHP for sitting, 700PHP for ‘superman’ style.

What time is the check in at the first hotel?

You’re welcome to arrive anytime at our first hostel, but check-in is at 2PM. However, Lub D Hostel does have both luggage storage and a movie room with couches and free Netflix access if you do arrive early!

When is the whale shark season?

Best sightings are from February to April, which is also the busiest time. Whale sharks can sometimes be seen as early as November and as late as June.